Takashi Iiguni


About me

Hello, I'm Takashi Iiguni (飯國 隆志), a Japanese software engineer with a Master's degree in Engineering. My professional focus is on DevOps, containerization, CI/CD, eBPF, and Rust. Passionate about innovation in technology, I constantly seek to deepen my expertise in these areas, contributing to efficient and reliable software development processes.



Ubie, inc.

2024/01 -

Software Engineer (SRE)

NTT Communications

2022/04 - 2023/12

Software Engineer

Yahoo Japan Corporation Internship

2020/09 - 2020/09

Cybozu, inc. Internship

2020/08 - 2020/08

Cloud Platform Engineer

Kagawa University, Faculty of Engineering, Division of Reliability-based Information Systems Engineering

2020/04 - 2022/03

Saisho Laboratory

Hatena, inc. Internship

2018/08 - 2018/09

Site Reliabillity Engineer

GMO Pepabo, inc. Internship

2018/02 - 2018/02

Frontend Engineer

Kagawa University, Faculty of Engineering, Electronics and Information Engineering

2016/04 - 2020/03

Saisho Laboratory


Academic Papers

  1. 飯國隆志, 最所圭三, “コンテナの隔離を強化するサンドボックス機構の提案“, 第82回情報処理学会全国大会
  2. 飯國隆志, 最所圭三, “Sprofiler: ワークロードにフィットしたコンテナのSeccompルール生成システムの開発と評価“, 第152回システムソフトウェアとオペレーティング・システム研究会
  3. Takashi Iiguni, Hitoshi Kamei, Keizo Saisho, “Sprofiler: Automatic Generating System of Container-Native System Call Filtering Rules for Attack Surface Reduction“, The 2021 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI 21)